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» Chrome Eyelids

November 18 2009 14:10

Exclusive new chrome eyelids are available for any Nissan Figaro purchased from Bookham Autos. Choose from smooth rounded lids or the vented model!

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Nissan Figaro Specifications


* Interior Width: 1310 mm (51.57 in)
* Interior Height: 1130 mm (44.49 in)
* Treadwidth: Front: 1335 mm (52.56 in), Rear: 1350 mm (53.15 in)
* Riding Capacity: Four people


* Max laden weight : 1235 kg (2723 lb)
* Max rolling weight : 1835 kg (4045 lb)
* Max load (front axle) : 620 kg (1367 lb)
* Max load (rear axle) : 625 kg (1378 lb)
* Max trailer weight (with brakes) : 310 kg (683 lb)
* Max trailer weight (without brakes) : 600 kg (1323 lb)


* Turning Circle (Kerb-to-Kerb): 4.7 m (15 ft 5 in)
* Fuel Economy: 7.3 L/100 km (39 mpg-imp; 32 mpg-US)
* Fuel consumption rate: 60 km/h (37 mph) running, on level ground: 4.1 L/100 km (69 mpg-imp; 57 mpg-US)


* Bore and Stroke: 68.0 mm (2.68 in) x 68.0 mm (2.68 in)
* Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
* Max Power: 76 PS (56 kW; 75 hp) at 6000 rpm
* Max Torque: 10.8 kgm (106 Nm; 78 ftlbf) at 4400 rpm
* Fuel Delivery: ECCS
* Fuel Type/Capacity: Regular Unleaded/40L (8.8 imp. gal. / 10.6 US gal.)

Various devices

* Steering: Rack and pinion
* Suspension: Four-wheel independent
o Front: Strut-type
o Rear: 4-link, with stabilizer bar (anti-sway bar)
o Front Wheel Drive
* Brakes: Ventilated front discs
* Tire size: 165/70R12 77H
o Cold climate spec: 155SR12


Exterior body colors:

* Emerald Green (6K8) 6000 produced
* Pale Aqua (6K9) 6000 produced
* Lapis Gray (7K0) 6000 produced
* Topaz Mist (7K1) 2000 produced

Interior colors:

* Main color:
o White (Q)
* The following parts come the same color as the exterior body:
o Top of dashboard
o Steering wheel horn button
o Seat piping
o Carpet


* Uniquely designed CD/Tape/Radio stereo (dealer option)
* Manually-retractable trunk tray


* Safety equipment and front seat restraints
o Three point seat belts
o Rear seat: Three point seat belts
o Driver's seat belt not fastened warning (buzzer)
* High-mount stop lamp.
* Genuine leather seats standard equipment.
* Low mount head rest for classic appearance.
* Synthetic leather piping is used for the prevention of leather fatigue.
* High quality paint on interior and exterior.


* Retractable top which became one of Figaro's unique trademarks
o External design completely hidden in trunk.
o Equipped with a double lock and warning buzzer as a safety feature.
o Secondary hood latch designed so the hood should not open while driving or by accidental activation.
* Rear window defroster on glass.


* Flush mount apron and flush mount fender.
* Fiber glass resin material is used with an outer gel coat.
* Resulting in durable low maintenance body components.
* Fluoroplastic paint is used.

Special mentions

* There was a limited release of the Figaro to 20,000 the whole country.
* By the end of August 1991 the car was divided into three portions.
* The sold form was taken.

Manufacturer option

* Manual air conditioner
* Air cleaner (pure tron)
* Seat bag hanging type (SR-1)
* CD combination stereo deck
* 6x4 inch speaker kits
* Aluminum loading wheel/124.5

Jo/s=45 mm Special spoke type/silver

* Steel wheel 12x4.50B For tire in winter
* Air valve for tire in winter
* Wheel nut (for tire in winter)
* Full wheel cover For tire in winter (white)
* Half wheel cover /chrome plating (for tire in winter)
* Steel chain (band addition)

For 155 for 165/70R12/SR12

* Suparsailchan For 155 for 165/70R12/SR12
* Ring super-X For 165/70R12 and for 155SR12
* Luggage room lamp Hitai (white lens) and attachment set
* 100 km/h (62 mph) Speed alarm
* Cigarette lighter

Exterior options

* Rear side protector Pub mirror Totono
* Door mirror cover (chrome plating)
* Door steering wheel protector (stainless steel)
* Fillet Ttomorl (stainless steel) reception desk set
* Fillet Ttomorl (stainless steel) rear set
* Door edge lace (stainless steel)
* Roof visor (stainless steel)
* Headlight visor (stainless steel)
* Floor mats with car name logo (front and rear)
* Trunk-mounted ski rack (for two ski sets)
* Body cover (silver-colored polyester)
* Accent stripe seeming type (reception desk rear set)
* Decal kit owners plate (aluminum) Car name logo 1000Turbo character
* Winter braid Right and left expert 475 mm (18.7 in)
* Corner Paul Design type
* Numberplate rim for reception desk (stainless steel)

Interior options

* Floor carpet (sherbet orange/silver gray)
* Kick plate (stainless steel)
* Half seat cover (one knitting ..silver gray.. race part.) gray & orange and suede. preparing.
* Cushion (rug)
* Rear window screen (brown with car name logo)
* Instorroatorei Net type
* Cup holder (one big or regular size can and with putting small articles) (CDs can be stored.)
* Beige leather covers for steering wheel, shift knob, and parking lever
* Yashetoboccs Beige (combination skin)
* Child safety seat (blue/pink)
* Junior safety seat (blue/pink)
* Trunk tray (body cover storage band addition)
* First-aid kit (A/B type emergency set (A case insertion/B backing type)
* Big bag (seat similar combination skin/A2 size)
* Staff bag set (seat similar combination skin) (A4/A6 glasses case)
* Owners bag Seat similar combination (skin)
* Automobile inspection certificate putting

(seat similar combination skin/door pocket storage type)

* Petit-Cotte Pittorre (carwash and wax cliff articles set)

B set for A set/wax for carwash

* Car care set (with genuine leather cleaner)
* Day planner (seat similar combination skin)
* Handicap mirror (with car name logo)

*Above Source from Wikipedia